Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Nunfuckers-Dead And On The Floor 7"

so you are probably wondering what an album released in 1987 is doing on my blog. well most of the time i only like punk from late 70's to 85' and now 2005-today. but there are some good ones in between. so i bought a record recently (scared straight 7", next post) and the guy gave me two free records, this and the egg hunt 7" which he hated. now that i think about it i should have scanned the little note that was attached to it. it said "ontario's best." oh well, too late now. so anyway i got this in the mail and popped it on, not expecting anything. i thought from the looks of the cover that it would be one of those thrash/crossover records, but it's not. it's pretty much hardcore punk. although from the first song with the double-kick bass drum, it's sounds like it's gonna be a metal record (sorry elliott). punk from waterloo, ontario. not much else to say, have a listen. a lot of songs for a 7", all short. lots of crackle, more on b-side, and that's the way i like it. let me know if the download links download the entire track because it was awfully fast uploading them.
1. decimation 5/5 (fast.)
2. movin on 4/5 (stop and go.)
3. snap 5/5 (great.)
4. my shit 5/5 (short, nice.)
5. up your ass with all your gossip 5/5 (even shorter, even as good.)
6. social butterfly 4/5 (i like it.)
7. blood bath 4/5 (whoa.)
8. burning chemicals 5/5 (my favourite.)
9. my mom and dad 3/5 (good.)
10. cheap friends 5/5 (reminds me of the first song on the graven image 7". great guitar riff.)
11. spoiled brats 4/5 (nice.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
i'd never heard nor scene this before. thanks to RJ for the free copy. done.


  1. I searched for this band for ages. About 18 years actually. I had snap, my shit, up your ass, burning chemicals, cheap friends and spoiled brats on a poorly labeled mixed tape (actually it was "let them eat jellybeans" plus nunfuckers). Lost the tape. Never know who did those song and just recently found it. Blew my mind to hear it again. Also couldn't believe they were from Kitchener Ontario. Awesome album. Now if I could only find a physical copy of it.

  2. thanks for the great comment. glad i could help.

  3. Glad you put this up. Deranged was going to release a discography of the band. They recorded a 20 song demo at the campus community station in Kitchener which was recorded in half an hour. Anyway, the project fell apart. The band was super influenced by bands like the Descendents and DRI. My favourite song is "Spoiled Brat". My old band One Blood covered "Decimation" on our ep. Haymaker covered "Burning Chemicals" on one of their first recordings. We just wanted peple to know about the Nunfuckers. Jello Biafra wrote the band when this single came out to get a copy, which the band sent.

    1. glad you saw the post. no problem on the upload! haha, that stuff is sweet. thanks for the comment!

  4. I hadn't heard this since losing track of my copy (I think on cassette) from back then. This is amazing. Thanks for posting!

  5. One of the best 7 inches ever owned...this album is classic.

  6. one of my favourite bands ever ¡¡¡¡ greetings from Buenos Aires