Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown 7"

well i was waiting to post this for a long time. the reason being that i wanted to add the downloads. as you can see i have the 10" copy (same as my black flag six pack 10"). all the pictures seem gray but you can judge for yourself. i probably won't post the six pack record. it's alright but still. i remember when i bought that record. right when i put it on, i dropped the needle on it. i mean hard, really hard. it jumped all the way to the end so it doesn't affect play, but there is still a big gash.
well i just can back from party that my band was supposed to play at. not very many people showed up so we never even played. there was another band who did play, only 2 songs though. they played classic rock stuff. it was decent. my band wouldn't/couldn't match their musical talent, but i think we would have put on a more energetic show, if you know what i mean. we're playing in the near future, well hopefully.
so back to the record. everyone knows this, but it's getting posted anyway. is it the first hardcore punk record? no it isn't. the first hardcore record was the middle class's out of vogue 7". and nobody better say different. released in 1978 on SST records. time for the tracks.
1. nervous breakdown 5/5 (just golden.)
2. fix me 5/5 (nice.)
3. i've had it 4/5 (cool.)
4. wasted 5/5 (great but also check out the circle jerks version, fast as hell.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
tons of different presses, colours and sizes. get the record and thrash it.


  1. wow what a great record. i actually like the version of wasted off of the everything went black thing or the first circle jerks lp. great guitar and bass sound though. which was put out first this or that middle class record? oh and this isn't too hardcor just snotty 77 punk in 78.

  2. well i think middle class was first, i could be wrong. but yeah you're right, it's KBD punk not hardcore.

  3. have you heard the new OFF! 7"? I posted a review of it on my blog

  4. no i haven't heard it. i'll check out your review.

  5. true punk rock, reeeeeally great record.

    greets from Argentina!

  6. My first Black Flag's disc!!! Loves this music!!!