Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scared Straight-Born To Be Wild 7"

one last mid 80's stuff for a while. released on mystic records in 1985 on some really flimsy card stock. but glued together which i like. part of the nardcore series. they are featured on the nardcore compilation. but that comp is all about the ill repute tracks. back and fourth thrash. relatively short short songs with some equaling in at over 2 minutes. sound quality, compare it to nunfuckers. all these mid to late 80's releases kind of sound the same. oh well. anyway here's the songs. they all start with the same slow thing, but give it a try.
1. life 4/5 (nice.)
2. badge 5/5 (nice guitar riffs.)
3. children 5/5 (vocals.)
4. unity 5/5 (great.)
5. drug free 4/5 (cool.)
6. typical 5/5 (my favourite.)
7. another day 3/5 (meh.)
8. school II 4/5 (good lyrics.)
9. born to be wild 5/5 (i hate the original song but the way the singer sings on this track is awesome. the way he says CHILD is hilarious.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
it's been re-issued and is up on ebay a lot. nice little record to add to your collection. download TYPICAL and see what you think.


  1. no problem! come back anytime!

  2. the singer was a pro baseball player acording to flex.

  3. oh really, i'll have to look him up.

  4. yeah it says he played for the dodgers and some others.

  5. I also think that Brian Walsby was the drummer in this band. Brian drew many punk rock caricatures and developed a style similar to the Peanuts which was counter to all of Pushead skull and gore drawings.Probably the most famous of Walsby's drawings is the "Walk Together Rock Together" cover artwork on the 7 Seconds 12". Brain Walsby moved to Raleigh North Carolina and re-surfaced as the drummer in Double Negative.

  6. The singer is Scott Radinsky from Pulley...