Saturday, May 15, 2010

Human Mess-Anger Problems 7"

well i haven't posted some complete randomness in a while so those last two posts make up for it. well i bought more records, what's new right. ebay of course. lots of punks (when i say punks i mean one who listens to punk) hate ebay. a lot of people put up their punk records and are called, by others, to be "sell-outs." i don't see the problem here. a lot of people are looking for money. i remember seeing the fix 7" and the necros first 7" (both originals) up for sale at $8000 buy now. you might be thinking where the hell am i going with this. to be true, i have no clue, just rambling. if they want to sell them and someone wants to buy them, let them. i personally love ebay, i'm on there everyday. where else are you suppose to sell the records? people supplying punk for the world. so yes a lot are out for the money, but a lot just want to pass on these great records. if you think the auction is gonna go really high, ask for a buy now. this shows you what kind of person they are. a lot of people just say, "no. just bid." but then there's the nice ones. the ones who love a good haggle. for example, i just bought tsol ep 12", jfa untitled 12" and government warning no moderation 12" for $30. go here and buy what he has. great guy, and he also sold me the neos and graven image 7"s. ebay is a great place to find punks. also another guy gave me free records when i bought one. so you're still wondering where the hell i'm going with this. nowhere. well this is as good a place as any to end this nonsense.
so let's get to the actual music. just skip all that and start reading now. but you probably read all that to get to this. oh well.
probably the most screaming record i own. well not probably, it is. but it's good that way. great "underground" sound. great production. released in 2008 with a run of 500. apparently they sold really quickly. but i got it from my friend at flat black records this year. what label is this on you might ask, well i don't have the record beside me so i'll take a stab at it and say no way records. correct me if i'm wrong. they're from california. the songs are really short, just the way it should be. their other releases sound just as good.
1. anger problems 5/5 (best one.)
2. personal insanity 4/5 (scared yet.)
3. no respect 5/5 (great musically.)
4. i give up 4/5 (mayhem.)
5. sex addict 5/5 (great ender.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
like it? why not get a hard copy?


  1. oh come on you know most guys selling shit on ebay are as stark raving mad once called d.r.i "capitalist cunts!" good record. not even near the screamyest record i own. thanks.

  2. i don't think i could handle anymore screaming, haha.