Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JFA-Valley of the Yakes 12"

(((re-post from Jan. 6/10@9:58pm)))
(((well i decided to post up my copy of this so i can boast about my signatures. check em out scans. go to the bottom to get the zip file or you can download each song individually, if you're crazy enough.)))
okay, okay, yes the only reason i posted this is because i have a signed copy, well it's also a great record. all the band members signed it except for bam bam (drums). back in 1983 these guys sent this copy to a friend who had the chicken pox. on the cover brain (vocals) wrote "2 Mark, the chicken pox are bad. get well soon, Brain." and on the cover he put dots on his face so it looks like he had the chicken pox. on the back michael c. (bass) wrote his name on the bass. and on the inner sleeve don (guitar) wrote "I had the chicken pox recently, it sucks. Don P." i got this on ebay for only $12, the guy didn't know what he was selling. it's so sweet. anyway, on to the record. this record sounds quite different actually from their "blatant localism" 7" (which is amazing). brain's voice in deeper on this release. also it contains some sweet surf songs. i really like the insert too, it has the lyrics to 3 tracks and then it says "we can't tell what Brain says on any of the other songs." the a-side is good but the b-side is fantastic.
1. kick you 4/5 (great opener.)
2. great equalizer 3/5 (nice slower song.)
3. preppy 3/5 (good lyrics.)
4. little big man 3.5/5 (also good lyrics.)
5. johnny d 3/5 (good.)
6. walk don't run 5/5 (best track, and it's a surf song.)
7. i don't like you 3.5/5 (nice.)
8. baja 5/5 (another great surf song.)
9. skateboard 4/5 (skate.)
10. we know you suck 4/5 (i like the change on vocals.)
11. too late 5/5 (great song.)
12. sadistic release 3.5/5 (weird chord changes but good.)
13. axed at howard's 5/5 (love the chords.)
14. I-10 5/5 (great instrumental song.)
15. guess what? 5/5 (great bass at the beginning.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
this was the first punk CD that i got online. i actually first heard these guys on tony hawks pro skater 4 (best game). anyway, the CD has their first two albums and some rare tracks. as soon as i got this i searched for the records. now i own the original copies of their first two records. look on ebay and buy this now. oh i also forgot, check out their here: SKATEBOARD WE DO! it's got lots good info on the band.


  1. wow. you're posting like a um well like a guy who posts a lot.

  2. and what a killer lp? is it an lp? oh well it's still awesome as fuck!

  3. i'm going to say it's an lp. it's a good 20 minutes long. glad you like it!

  4. dude, i saw these guys in march, played with them the past 2 years and they were really nice dudes, but this year when i saw them they were huge jerks, i asked the guitarist for an interview for my skate zine (by the way i'll send you a copy when it's finished, i promise!) but he blew me off after the show, he knew i was waiting for him too. and not too importantly they were really try hard to sell all of thier new 7"'s to all the kids there. bummed me out, used to be one of my favorite bands, notw i have no respect for them, it's sad. anyways aside from all the hate, this record is pretty classic, i'd prefer the mad gardens ep though!

    p.s. i'll be sending your package that i've owed you for almost half a year, like next week when i finish my zine. i've been touring alot and playing alot of shows so i've been really broke, but i've never forgotten!

  5. oh man that sucks about them. the mad gardens ep is pretty solid.

    that's awesome that you're making a zine. yeah can't wait for that package! thanks for coming by again!

  6. yay! my first spam comment. and what do you think of the record?

  7. Hey Ryan, Brian from JFA here. Sorry we didn't stick around to do your interview. Sometimes we get busy and forget things. Didn't mean to blow you off. We're always stoked to do interviews and such. Hit us up via email if you still want to do something. My addy is on our website.

  8. thanks for stopping by Brian.

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