Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friendly Neighbors-EP 7"

now another great Smokin' Barrel Records release. too bad the label is done. released in 2007, a great year for punk releases. this was limited to 355 copies. 255 on orange vinyl with a collage cover and 100 on black vinyl with covers drawn by children, the one i have and pictured above. it looks like they used the disney font. sounds very much like early TSOL, especially the b-side. the a-side is fantastic, a little off time, and that's the best part. here is the bands site. the second song's name is the longest song title i've ever since.
1. teenage guerrillas 5/5 (fantastic!)
2. an exquisite corpse cut with a kitchen knife and arranged according to the law of chance 5/5 (i spelled exquisite wrong in the download. i just realized it, so you can change it when you download.)
3. a song for bosch 5/5 (great.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
another great california band. go find it.


  1. ah yes another new band i have no clue about. good stuff. that second song sounds like a cool metal song. why couldn't it be metal! thanks.

  2. haha, good thing it isn't metal.

  3. yeah, metal is gay and over the top, i've had their demo (far better than the ep) for years.