Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Fix-EP 7"

(((re-post from Sept. 21/09@10:10pm)))
(((oh sorry for the lack of posts. been busy. here is a little re-post to tide you over until i post something huge. so i just got this in the mail a week ago along with the new negative lifestyle 7". the record is massively warped, well my copy is. it also makes this weird noise every time it spins. you can't really tell when the music is playing but at the beginning of vengeance you can hear it as he says, "go ahead." this was probably the shortest post i ever did. well i'm off to the plant, then to the duff brewery.)))

short post tonight, but fantastic record. they only recorded about 7 songs and these are the 2 best.

1. Vengeance 5/5 (one of the best songs out of hardcore.)
2. In This Town 5/5
(another great, fast song.)

overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
get the LP with all their recordings and a live set. it's called "at the speed of twisted thought..." available anywhere.


  1. no problem:

  2. tell us more about that Negative Lifestyle 7"
    Is it any good? Cant find it anywhere

  3. it's funny that you mention them because i just got an email saying that i can post their 7". it's great and from this year. here's their site:
    thanks for stopping by and come back for the post!.