Saturday, May 8, 2010

Egg Hunt-EP 7"

this one's for elliott because i know he'll hate it. it is the project of minor threat members ian and jeff. while going to england they recorded this 2 song 7". released on dischord in 1986. i always wondered what is sounded like and finally got the chance. seeing that they were in minor threat i thought it was gonna be like that. but i was wrong. i got this free because the guy said he thought it was terrible. so i popped it on and realized it isn't that bad. if it didn't have those two guys playing this i probably would have passed on it. but nope. it sounds like generic 80's music. i even got the original press that says $2.50 on the back instead of $3.50. click on the image for massive scan to see it. don't be fooled by the price tag in the right corner. i'm talking about the price imprinted on the bottom left. the artwork is kind of obscure. ian on the front sticking his head through a vent hole and jeff lying on a bunch of candy on the back.
1. me and you 2/5 (kind of boring.)
2. we all fall down 5/5 (shoot me but i like it.)
overall: 5/10 meh
very cheap on ebay. 1000 pressed, i think. the songs are longer so longer download.


  1. actually it's not that bad. kind of sounds like fugazi type s6uff or it it just cause it's ian and not hardcore. enjoyable. thanks.

  2. sweet, glad you actually like it! yes very fugazish. well ian did sing and play guitar in this and fugazi.

  3. this is my favorite record ever of all time.

  4. I think this was demo material of Minor Threat songs that had been written around the time of the second break up. Ian and Jeff demoed them so as not to forget them. Pat Dubar was penpals with Ian and Ian shared the recordings and some of these songs became Uniform Choice songs.

    1. that's interesting, thanks for the great info!

    2. Where do you get your info? If I remember I'll ask Pat next time I see him. This seems far fetched. Not the penpals part but the sharing songs with UC. I know some other guys who played in UC, I'll hit them up as well.