Friday, May 28, 2010

Black Flag-Jealous Again 12"

(((re-post from Sept. 18/09@7:58)))
(((i remember the day i posted this. it was right when i started the blog. i had forgotten about the blog for about 10 days then it hit my brain. it was my second review. i listened to about 80 records that night. also reviewed a ton of stuff that night. of all places i bought this record from amazon. yes there is a big black line across the cover of this record. must be the way i took the photo. maybe you have this, maybe you don't, something something something, i'm something something.)))

this isn't my favourite black flag release. call me crazy but i think chavo pederast was the best vocalist that black flag had, after morris. i liked henry garfeild when he was in s.o.a but not in black flag.
anyway this album is great. did anyone notice the last song is just "i don't care" with different lyrics.
1. Jealous Again 5/5 (best song on here. fast and tight.)
2. Revenge 5/5 (a-side is killer.)
3. White Minority 4/5 (not big on the lyrics.)
4. Values 4/5 (fast.)
5. You Bet I've Got Something Personal Against You! 2.5/5 (let chavos sing!! also the title is way to long.)
overall: 8/10 recommended (a least get a reissue. tons out there.)


  1. I agree Rollins was definitely my least favorite Flag singer.

  2. Wish I had seen this line-up live, but I disagree about Henry. When he first joined they were pretty unforgettable, and he was a helluva lot better than Dez, who was the front man at that point. Later on Henry became absolutely insufferable, but during the years when Chuck was in the band and they were all quite literally starving, they were the real thing.

  3. yeah dez wasn't too good, but i don't think he even wanted to be singer much.