Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Faith/Void Split 12"

time for two great DC bands, in one.

the faith and void team up on this 12". released in 82' on that great DC label Dischord records. produced by Ian of minor threat. first off is the faith side. they play simple but good hardcore, i like this side better than the void side. i reason i like it better is because on the void side their is a more metal influence, and all those weird noises and riffs. i like the void's demo better, it's just straight ahead punk without the weirdest of this 12". i'm gonna keep this short because i have a long track list ahead of me.
The Faith
1. it's time 4/5 (kind of a slow start to the record.)
2. face to face 5/5 (probably the best, fastest faith song.)
3. trapped 4/5 (nice guitar.)
4. in control 4/5 (good lyrics.)
5. another victim 5/5 (guitar.)
6. what's wrong with me? 4/5 (nice.)
7. what you think 3.5/5 (ok.)
8. confusion 3.5/5 (i like the vocals a lot, but not the guitar riffs when then play slow.)
9. you're x'd 3.5/5 (meh.)
10. nightmare 4/5 (nice breakdown.)
11. don't tell me 5/5 (nice vocals, nice speed.)
12. in the black 2.5/5 (good, but too long for a Faith song.)
13. who are you? 5/5 (great song, best one, over 2 minutes but the vocals are amazing.)
14. time to die 4/5 (everything's good.)
15. condensed flesh 5/5 (great song. i like that the vocals come in a little late.)
16. ignorant people 3.5/5 (a little slow for the most part.)
17. change places 3.5/5 (good.)
18. ask them why 4/5 (nice drums.)
19. organized sports 2.5/5 (it's good but i don't like the really high voices in the chorus, is it supposed to be children or something?)
20. self-defense 3.5/5 (good stuff.)
21. war hero 4/5 (great song, but better version on the demo. the vocals are really hard to hear. i do like that the vocals come in way too early, funny.)
22. think 3.5/5 (lots of metal, but still good.)
23. explode 1/5 (just metal a track, bad.)
overall: 7.5/10 recommended
the faith side is worth it alone. it is constantly reissued by Dischord so it's easy to get. there you go.


  1. i don't think void sounds metal. but i do think that they got weird. i didn't know what to think til i heard it. btw thanks for this one. really a great record. the faith guitar sounds kinda weird to me. great stuff though.

  2. well i think void sounds metal. not straight metal but pretty close. yeah right about the weird thing. no problem. thanks.

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  4. This is the first time in 30 years I've ever heard anyone say they prefer the Faith side.