Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Abused-Loud and Clear 7"

enough KBD records, time for some straight ahead hardcore. The Abused were from NY but don't sound like anything you'll hear on the New York Thrash tape. brutal hardcore, when they play fast they sound like Poison Idea a bit. there are some slow parts but they are mostly followed by fastness, if that's a word. nice sound production on this, not too grungy, not too clean. good brutal vocals without being annoying, e.i. SSD. 500 pressed in 83'. i've seen some sort of bootleg on ebay. it was an LP and it had this record, the Urban Waste 7", The Mob 7" and one other record on it (reminds me of the Dischord release "four old 7"s on a LP"). but i can't find any info on it.
1. loud and clear 5/5 (great energy right off the bat.)
2. war games 3.5/5 (good, just a touch too slow at some parts.)
3. just another fool 5/5 (short fast.)
4. no end in sight 5/5 (slow, then fast, great.)
5. nuclear threat 3.5/5 (slow for the majority of the time.)
6. watch out 4/5 (nice, upbeat.)
7. blow your brains out 5/5 (only 5 seconds, how can you go wrong.)
8. drug free youth 5/5 (my personal favourite. good lyrics and musically good. great stuff.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
way back when it was released, this record didn't get much attention. now it has become one of the most wanted hardcore punk records of all time. the sad thing is the people that actually like this record for the music can't buy it, meanwhile the people who are only in it for the money can get it. at least we can get a download. many chooses this time, GBM, 7"punk, and many more. thank god for them.

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