Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zero Boys-Vicious Circle 12"

after raggin' on their first 7" i thought i'd review my favourite release by the band. Zero Boys are one of my favourite bands. this was one of my first hardcore records i owned (cd, back when i hated vinyl, until i realized vinyl is way better and all the bands i liked released vinyl). if you like the ramones you probably like their first 7", but i don't at all. it's very slow and sounds exactly like the ramones. in the liner notes of this record it says that the singer heard what some of the bands were releasing and he said, "we got to play way faster!" it's pretty funny, and a wise choice. as i said above i have the cd. i bought it when i was first listening to this genre. i was looking at random cds in the "punk" section and came across this (and the History record). they looked pretty punk and the back said it was from 82' so i got it. the History cd has the first 7" on it too. so naturally i thought that eps were better than albums, so i listen to the ep first. i thought, "man i just wasted my money" but then i listened to the first track "drive in" then i was hooked. this was originally released on Nimrod records in 82'. this record is not boring at all unlike some hardcore LPs, i like that the songs are all pretty much one minute long. great vocalist. the band reformed and are still playing today.
1. vicious circle 5/5 (raging hardcore. contains the only swear word on this record, showing that hardcore can be obtained without profanity *hint- 7 seconds.)
2. amphetamine addiction 5/5 (great vocals.)
3. new generation 5/5 (paul's a great singer.)
4. dirty alleys/dirty minds 3.5/5 (good.)
5. civilization's dying 5/5 (great vocals and drums.)
6. livin' in the 80's 4/5 (much better version than the one on the 7".)
7. drug free youth 5/5 (great lyrics.)
8. down the drain 5/5 (golden.)
9. outta style 5/5 (crazy drums.)
10. you can touch me 4/5 (nice.)
11. forced entry 5/5 (bass.)
12. hightime 5/5 (great lyrics.)
13. charles' place 5/5 (nice slower faster combo, even though it's all fast.)
14. trying harder 4/5 (a little slower, but great ender track.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
one of the best records of all time. get the reissue LP, it's of great quality. hopefully when i get some more cash i'll get the LP version, but for now i'll stick with my cd. done.


  1. Ah mate this album is rude! I saw a video of them on youtube and thought I would come and have a look here and bought it on your recommendation. Quality all over.

    Anyhow, I was wondering, what are your favourite new punk bands? This is what passes for 'punk' here in England.
    Total Shit. And there's barely any punk shows to go to here either seeing as a)everyone wants to play indie music and be on mtv, and b)if there is a 'punk' show it is usually something like green day or some shit.

  2. hey man,

    oh yeah! glad you like it. one of the best LPs ever!

    well "punk" is a weird thing. there's the real thing and then there's garbage, like what that radio show calls punk. unfortunately a lot of people think that is what "punk" music is. but on the other hand there is tons of people who do know what it is. that sucks there's no shows. i'm not really sure on the bands in the england punk scene at the moment.

    well here are some of my favourite new punk bands:

    school jerks (canada)
    the imposters (usa)
    negative lifestyle (sweden)
    night birds (usa)
    government warning (usa)
    slobs (canada)
    sinks (usa)

    search my blog for some downloads of the bands. there are lots of great ones out there. below is a link to a Toronto radio station. they play tons of new punk on there. you can download all their radio sessions too. so it's like a ton of mix tapes, with some banter here and there (and of course some old punk too).


    thanks for the comment credibilitystreet!
    till next time.