Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Got Power: Party Or Go Home 12"

well this isn't really an official review. mainly because there are 43 different songs and 41 different bands and i would have to explain each one. so no track listing. i'll touch on some of the best songs and bands. the whole album is pretty fast all the way through. the thing i don't understand is all the open space on the right side of the cover. this album starts with a song i think we're all familiar with, I Hate Cops by The Authorities. it's a great way to start the comp. now i'll start with the ups on this record. i was pleased to hear great songs from bands i'd never heard before. for examples, Nip Drivers, Dr. Know, Putrid Girls, The Vacant, Caustic Cause and many more. I really like the Manimals track. i also love the different versions of tracks. the Big Boys, Brick Walls is different than the version on their LP, i like this version better. the 7 Seconds tracks are demo versions, they're really fast, trust me. i was surprised how good the Sin 34 track was. i like how they put two different bands with the same name but from different places on here, Urban Assault, they are right beside each other too. now for the downs of this record. i don't like the White Flag tracks at all, well maybe i do like Celibate. the Clones have a crap cyber sound. that's the only bad stuff. now a list of the best and worst songs on this 12" (in no order):
the authorities-i hate cops
big boys- brick walls
manimals-thing under my bed
sin 34-not (my second favourite sin 34 track)
7 seconds-wasted life ain't no crime
the vacant-caught by the mafia
the clones-conform to the norm
white flag-hoppity hopper

go here: PARTY and get the mp3s ripped directly from the original 83' vinyl release. thanks WE GOT POWER for the great quality rip. go to their site and you can also look at their old fanzines. keep on partying.

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  1. Count the Odds - Ill Repute! That song is ripping!