Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gizmos-Amerika First 7"

next review, Gizmos. first heard this on the KBD comp #9, so yep, this is another KBD 7". the title track is the best and it doesn't really get better then that. decent speed for being released in 77'. i don't know anything about this and i have no clue why i'm reviewing this. at the beginning of pumpin' to playboy, a band member tells you to not listen to the next two songs, for obvious reasons.
1. amerika first 5/5 (great classic.)
2. human garbage disposal 3/5 (it's alright, good vocals.)
3. ballad of the gizmos 1/5 (very slow.)
4. kiss of the rat 2/5 (ok, only 59 seconds which is good.)
5. pumpin' to playboy 2/5 (thanks for the warning, but the lyrics are still awful.)
6. cave women 5/5 (great guitar, it makes the song good. bad lyrics but the way he sings them is good.)
7. (i'm just a) regular dude 1/5 (meh.)
overall: 4/10 not recommended
check out "amerika first" and "cave women" but the rest sucks. i have to mention again that it is from 1977, so i understand why it's mostly slow. best thing to do is get the KBD comp #9 to get the only good track (well i guess cave women is good too) plus other good KBD songs. or you can pay way to much for this 7".

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