Sunday, February 7, 2010

Urban Waste-EP 7"

right after i listen to The Abused 7", i immediately turn to this after. the two records are very similar in my mind. not really the sound quality but mainly because there both from NY and play brutal hardcore. as i said the sound qualities are different. the sound is so raw on this release, lots of treble. the band only release this one record way back in 82' on Mob Style records. only 500 pressed. then in 89' Big City records made a reissue of this 7" but instead of a 7" they put it on a 12". there is also a "fan club" issue on a 7" out there, only 500 pressed as well. like i said on the Abused review, there is a 12" with this and three other old NY 7"s on it. although they only lasted a few years, they have become one of the most influential bands of hardcore. like the Abused 7", this also has a good mix of fast and slow hardcore.
1. police brutality 4/5 (great fast opener.)
2. public opinion 4/5 (great lyrics.)
3. no hope 3.5/5 (slower but good.)
4. wasted life 5/5 (short and fast.)
5. shank 3/5 (slow most of the time.)
6. ignorant 5/5 (great musically and vocally.)
7. BNC 4/5 (nice vocals.)
8. reject 3/5 (good, slower. good lyrics.)
overall: 7/10 recommneded
the original goes for a ton of cash. the 12" is much cheaper. the bootleg 7" is a decent price, most of the time it's the same price as the 12" reissue. look at this one on ebay (it already at $200 and going up): THEY SAID I WAS A REJECT! downloads are available on about a million different sites.

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