Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tapeworm-EP 7"

ok i lied, yet another one of those extremely rare KBD 7"s. thanks to BREAK MY FACE i finally found a good scan of the record, well except for the part that's bitten off, but it looks good that way. i have to say, it's not my favourite. one track is just weird instruments and stuff. go to the site listed above for lots of information on the band. this was released in 78' on Hermaphrodite records. a-side is the only thing worth checking out. some of the tracks are on the KBD comp #9, including the good one. one of the things i hate about this record is that the vocals go through the right side of the speakers then the left, and then back and fourth again which can get quite annoying.
1. break my face 4/5 (great kbd song.)
2. i wanna die 2.5/5 (decent track.)
3. blues for an insurance salesman 2.5/5 (bad, but has it's moments.)
4. fuzz bassolo 0/5 (just noise, not the good noise though.)
overall: 4/10 very very slightly recommended
i only recommend listening "break my face." definitely not worth the money you'd spend for it. unless you find a bootleg or something for $3. however i would recommend the KBD comp #9 because you can get the best (only good) track on here plus some other good rarities.


  1. fuzzbassolo does not appear on the record. what the author is referring to is tactually the intro to blues for an insurance salesman which is an ode to atonal classical composer charles ives.