Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scream-Still Screaming 12"

i haven't posted seen sunday so i'll make up for it by reviewing a 12". another Dischord release this time. MRR said this is bound to be one of the best records from 83', possibly, it's good. it says on KFTH that it was released in 82', i thought it was 83'. if anybody can correct this let me know. anyway, great melodic vocals with great whoa-o back up vocals. they released another decent 12", and then several after 84' which i'm not too into. a-side is great, the b-side is less interesting but still good. most hardcore LP's lose steam by the end of the record, that's why EP's are the way to go.
1. came without warning 5/5 (great fast opener. listen to the drums.)
2. bedlam 4/5 (a bit slower.)
3. solidarity 5/5 (great back-up vocals.)
4. your wars/killer 4/5 (nice.)
5. piece of her time 5/5 (all-about the back-up whoa-o's.)
6. human behaviour 3/5 (meh.)
7. stand 5/5 (best song on this record. amazing vocals, chords and drums. a little similar to stand up by minor threat, just a little.)
8. fight/american justice 3/5 (the 2nd half is a little weak.)
9. new song 2.5/5 (slower.)
10. laissez faire 4/5 (acoustic guitar in this one, but it's good.)
11. influenced 4/5 (good.)
12. hygiene 2.5/5 (no.)
13. cry wolf 3/5 (misleading.)
14. total mash 3/5 (meh again.)
15. who knows? who cares? 2.5/5 (too long of an opening.)
16. amerarockers 1/5 (reggae, not that interesting.)
17. u. suck a./we're fed up 5/5 (great, fast ender to a weaker flipside.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
a-side is worth the money alone (once again). all the Dischord 12"s are still in print, well i think, so it's easily available (once again).


  1. Dude, this is a fucking masterpiece. How can you in 2012 still judge a punk/HC album only by the speed of the rhythm section? Thiz is not 1980 anymore. For me it's a 10..

    1. what? i like this record and didn't judge it by it's speed. did you comment on the wrong post?

  2. didn't know you reviewed this. don't know how you can complain about the speed this was pretty fast for 82-83 anyway you didn't say anything about it anyway. great record! i agree with you after 84 it's hit and miss with me and mostly miss