Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sin 34-Die Laughing 7"

here is my long awaited sin 34 post. remember back on day 10 when i said "sin 34 anyone?" well it's a couple months later but here it is. say what you want about sin 34 but i like them. definitely the best female vocalist in all of hardcore. they got their name from international media channels. go here to read up them: DO YOU FEEL SAFE?. released in 82' on Spinhead records. they also released an LP one year late. it's not as good, the songs are longer and slower, but it's still a good record. that record does have my favourite sin 34 track, Live or Die. but the best version of that song is on their demo tape (which i also recommend). raging hardcore, nice raw production, let's go.
1. america america 5/5 (great fast opener.)
2. children shall not be heard 3.5/5 (slow, with some fast parts.)
3. the uniform 5/5 (back to the hardcore.)
4. 12 hour trip 3/5 (this song kind of seems like a 12 hour trip.)
5. join the race 5/5 (great vocals, guitar, bass, drums, speed, chanting, everything.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
mostly fast hardcore with some slow parts. pick it up today, it's already at $50 but it also comes with the LP too: TURN ON, TUNE IN, DROP OUT! i've seen this go for decent cash but you could get a good deal on it.

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