Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plague-Just Say No 7"

there's my scanned copy of the cover. i'm travelling to were i've never traveled on this site yet, the LATE 80's. i mostly listen to stuff from either the early 80's or 2005 and up to today. but rarely in between. the only bands from the late 80's that i listen to would be Gorilla Biscuits, Bold (that's right Dylan) and some Youth of Today (i know, i know.) anyway, here we go. this time the a-side is slower than the b-side. brutal vocals, Poison Idea comes to mind, whenever i say brutal vocals i think of Poison Idea. released in 87' on, i believe, Punish records (a Sweden label). originally released with a 10" sleeve with a grey cover. i own the 1990 PLAGUE LIMITED EDITION copy. it comes with a 7" sleeve and has a red cover (like the one above). the lyrics are written on the inside and sometimes are impossible to see. white writing on a guy's white shirt, yep. but you can make out most of the rest. white blank labels on my copy, i don't know about the original however.
1. losing my mind 3.5/5 (slower than i thought it would be right off the bat, but still a good track.)
2. unplanned by the system 3/5 (ok.)
3. rat in a maze 3.5/5 (faster.)
4. city life 3.5/5 (whow thrash and echoes. short.)
5. the pit 5/5 (time for my favourite track. straight hardcore punk.)
6. downtown 5/5 (more punk, short.)
7. johnny's brain N/A (it's not really a track, no music, just 10 seconds of johnny's brain saying "just say no" therefore no rating.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
the guy over at Punk Not Profit had the entire Plague CD anthology but some distro guy asked him to remove it. i guess he hasn't noticed it's at GBM too. there are no scans for this at GBM just mp3s. but i just bought it, it was only $3. download "the pit" from GBM and then buy it.


  1. I'm a big fan of Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today, always thought Gorilla Biscuits were underrated. Have you listened to Uniform Choice's "Screaming for Change"? They sound something like a missing link between Minor Threat and Y.O.T. They're plenty fast with nice riffs but their later stuff is chronic.

  2. hey Smithereens, thanks for stopping by,
    no i haven't heard that Uniform Choice album. i downloaded their demo though, that's pretty good. i was thinking of uploading the Gorilla Biscuits' first 7". yeah many people think his voice is annoying, but i like his voice.