Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rabies-Disease Core 7"

time for some more new hardcore. the Rabies were located in L.A. from 2004-2007 (too bad elliott). go to their site for complete discography: I HAVE RABIES! this was originally released on Smokin' Barrel Records in 2006. it was the labels first release and soon sold out. then the great guys at Sorry State records re-issued it, twice. i have the second press on Sorry State, third overall. the thing i don't like is that the lyric sheet doesn't have all the lyrics. nice drawings on the whole package. very clear vocals, like Kevin Seconds, which is hard to find in todays punk music. these guys' must have loved rabies.
1. why you're crying 5/5 (huge bass, great vocals.)
2. you're gonna blow it 4/5 (nice vocalist.)
3. disease core 3.5/5 (nice, i love when he's singing the "highly unoriginal" part.)
4. the man with the flute (is drilling inside my head) 2.5/5 (a little long and slow.)
5. why 4/5 (nice tempo.)
6. gonna fuck you up 3/5 (good.)
overall: 8/10 recommended
get this and their other stuff. it's all cheap, go to ebay or the punk labels (you know Sorry State, Grave Mistake, etc.) skate punk!

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