Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Antics-EP 7"

(((re-post from Dec.22/09@10:25pm)))
here's a great demo EP from 2006. all fast and tight with great vocals. this is their only release with Jenn on the drums (she left and the 2nd guitarist moved to drums). originally released as a CD (two pressing, 200 total on Smokin Barrel Records). the band is located in California but this 7" was distributed by Hardware Records and Audiogorilla Records, both located in Germany in 2008. 394 on black vinyl and 100 on clear vinyl. the cover is a fold-out, complete with lyrics on the inside, plus some inserts. their band site is located here. enjoy my rip and remember, it's a demo!
1. guilty conscience 5/5 (great, fast with blistering vocals.)
2. kicked out 4/5 (nice drumming.)
3. skate or die 3/5 (good.)
4. in the deep end 2/5 (nah.)
5. narcolepsy 5/5 (fantastic song, fast, great vocals. best one.)
6. raisins 5/5
overall: 7.5/10 recommended
good stuff. their other releases aren't as great as this one, but still good. GET JENN BACK ON THE DRUMS! BUY NOW! thanks to their site for all the info.

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