Friday, March 19, 2010

Future Releases

don't feel like uploading tracks at the moment. so i'm going to talk about some upcoming releases that i'm really looking forward to. first off is the split tape with those great guys in School Jerks and Negative Lifestyle. the guys at Negative Lifestyle say it's going to happen and the School Jerks think it's happening so i don't know when it will be released but hopefully soon. thanks for the exclusive tracks Ivan. also the first 7" by Negative Lifestyle. next is the second 7" by Lognhalsmottagningen. White Load's second 7" which i'm getting at the same time as the Lognhalsmottagningen 7" in a couple of weeks. anything on the Leather Bar Records label which are coming out in a few months. the next 7" by The Imposters in april. go here and look at the deal you get if you buy the record from them. some other TOHC bands' releases. i know i'm missing something but whatever.


  1. hey, that tape is out at

  2. hey,
    i'm getting one. thanks!