Monday, March 15, 2010

Agent 86-Protect The Earth 7"

(((i've taken down the tracks i stole because the guys site is back up and running so follow the link below to his great site.))) well i'm finally back. time for some rare punk. first off thanks to el blog de k-xi for the rips. this was released in 83'. they also released another 7" which is available at mustard relics. that record is more straight forward thrash hardcore unlike this one. this record is more on the slower side but enough fast stuff to keep it interesting. you wouldn't even know they were the same band. that's all i know about the band so here's the tracks, enjoy.
1. boutique baby 5/5 (my favourite song by the band. fast.)
2. zero code 4/5 (nice bass and guitar riffs, also good vocals. slower thou.)
3. i 2.5/5 (kind of a weird track, just listen.)
4. we are one 5/5 (great.)
5. sak 3/5 (the end is good.)
overall: 6/10 recommended
if you see it, it's worth picking up. but i'm unaware of the price, it might be high.


  1. no way, the same one that did scary action?

  2. yeah that's right! great band. they seem much younger on this 7" (i guess they are).

  3. ya, same band. we're based in Las Vegas now....almost hitting 30 years. check out our official websites , , .
    Thanks for the good words.
    Mike/Agent 86

  4. hey Mike. sweet. thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Hey,
    Can you send me copies of the digitized tracks? I only have vinyl and no turntable.
    Email them to:
    You'd be doing me a huge favor, and the next time you come to Vegas, I'll but the drinks at the Double Down saloon!