Monday, March 15, 2010

White Load-EP 7"

i'm feeling guilty for my absence so i'm uploading tons of records for the people who read this. i first heard these guys on criminal iq's Fresh Cuts and Cigarette Burns comp. the singer's voice cuts right through you. yep this is actually one sided, what the hell right. this was released in 2008 on Leather Bar records. they just released another 7" last week. i'm looking for it. the record sounds like one recording (all songs played right after each other). the drums sound sick on this. the sleeve was stapled together as you can see from my scans. i had to take out the staples on the top just to get the record out of the sleeve. then i re-stapled the top right but there was not enough room to re-staple the top left. i got it at a local punk store (the only one in toronto, well i guess there is kind of two) for $2 bucks, what a bargain. go to leather bar records and get this and their second 7" for only $8.
1. talk 5/5 (best track.)
2. no exit 4/5 (nice.)
3. chemicals 2.5/5 (slower and his voice gets a little annoying at this point.)
overall: 7/10 recommended
cheap price, why not? the only bad thing about this record is that it's one sided. try and count how many times he says "ah fuck!" on a side note: i'm going to upload my scans on another site so this one doesn't get too messy. the reason i don't add all the scans with the downloads because it would take 5 times longer to upload the tracks. go and get the scans and copy and paste them to the music tracks.