Sunday, March 28, 2010

Acid Reflux-Secret Power 7"

i'm back with Albany's Acid Reflux. that's right, more new punk. this was released on No Way records in 2008. they released a demo tape before this and made it into a 7" soon after, but apparently they left out a few songs. i only have one song on that but it sounds good, it doesn't sound like the same singer, might be just the recording. his voice might annoy you and i can understand but i really do love it. it's straight ahead hardcore punk except for the boring reggae track. why they included that song i'll never know. so download it and tell me what you think. i messed up and called the download page Bored Youth cause i meant to download that 7", but the tracks are right. as you can tell, Bored Youth is next on the post list.
1. paid to ruin fun 5/5 (love it.)
2. half spic 4/5 (lyrics.)
3. on the bus 5/5 (beautiful.)
4. not another day 4/5 (nice.)
5. untitled 0/5 (i wasn't going to include this but now you can see how bad it is. i also didn't include it on the rating below.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
one of my favourite new 7"s out there. now i'm off to get their first one.


  1. idk how many times i can praise you and this blog

  2. i don't know, but keep it coming, haha. thanks!

  3. Excellent Band . Is it just me or does it feel like No Way is taking forever to release their new 7" .