Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cheetah Crome Motherfuckers-EP 7"

(((re-post from Jan.1/10@2:33am)))
(((i remember back when i posted this. it was 2:30am on new years day after all the party guests had gone home and i was so tired but i couldn't sleep so i thought i'd post. i put up the tracks on this cause it's pretty hard to find. i ripped this a while ago, weeks. now read what i wrote a couple months ago.))) short post because it's 3:00am new year's day and i'm tired. back to the 80's, again. only release by the band that i like. rare, but reissued in 2000, but still rare. this stuff is intense. it's not really fast, but it's powerful. i think their more metal stuff can be found on GBM.
1. four hundred fascists 5/5 (fast, punch in the face.)
2. tellyson 4/5 (slower, but good.)
3. akotool 3.5/5 (good.)
4. untitled 4/5 (not labeled on record.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
get a download, NOW! (((now available here!)))


  1. i really like this but don't think it's noise. fucked up society is noise. love this though.

  2. i think they're both noise, haha.