Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bored Youth-Touch and Go 7"

(((re-post from Feb. 11/10@8:03pm)))
(((now you can enjoy the greatest demo i've ever heard.))) great hardcore punk with a really bad recording (which is great), well it's a demo, what do you expect. this was recorded way back in 81'. Touch and Go records was set to put this out in 82' but that never happened. this was eventually released in 90' on that infamous German label, Lost and Found records. first pressing on red vinyl and second pressing on green. if this was released in 82' it would get way more attention then it does today. great raging hardcore with great vocals, sometimes it hard to hear the drums thou. when i first played this i couldn't hear the drums, i was waiting for them to kick in, but i couldn't hear anything. so i turned up the volume and there you go. not one slow moment on this whole record, well the last song breaks it down a bit, but they need the breather right?
1. warning 5/5 (great opener.)
2. sympathy 5/5 (great guitar riffs.)
3. bored youth 5/5 (all about the bass on this track.)
4. misfit 5/5 (fast, great vocals.)
5. to label is the limit 5/5 (great lyrics.)
6. they don't have the right 5/5 (yep.)
7. youth culture 5/5 (the vocalist is so good.)
8. no chance 5/5 (all good.)
9. shock value 5/5 (great guitar and back-ground vocals.)
10. fight 5/5 (nice.)
11. outcast 5/5 (great back-up vocals.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
i can't give this less any thing else than a perfect score. with it only being released in 90' it's much easier to obtain. go on ebay, $10-20, not a bad price at all. at least get a download now!



  2. who is this?

    i do like those White Load tracks.

  3. oh yeah. thanks for stopping by.

  4. This is really good, you're right about the drums. Half the time I can't tell if I am listening to bass or drums lol.

  5. i now remember reading in a touch and go zine that this was gonna be released next on t&g records. too bad they never did it back then.