Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pains #5-Toronto Hardcore

this is my first zine review. i'm surprised i haven't thought of doing this before and what better to start with then a zine of the Toronto hardcore scene. this has some great interviews in it. first off, when you look at the cover you know it's going to be good. all black and white, cut and paste. great photos of the local bands. the first band is none other than School Jerks. great interview and also a page of the singer explaining what the songs on their first record are about. then other interviews with such bands as Urban Blight, Bad Choice, Mad Men, Burning Love and Molested Youth. then a nice lengthy interview with Career Suicide, which begins before their set and ends after. there is also some stories, a zine review page and a full page on the Toronto scene, recent and upcoming releases. then a huge interview with Fucked Up. it's great. the only bad thing, and i mean the only bad thing, is that there is no segment on Brutal Knights (a great band). there are some sick pictures of them in the zine though. so anyway, pick this up, it was only $3 and it's massive. go here and get one.

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