Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School Jerks-EP 7"

time for my favourite local band, School Jerks. they're not the fastest band but they're own style of hardcore is great. the vocals and instruments all sound great on this record, but the sound is more raw on their first 7". it's not as good as their first 7" cause that one was fantastic. i got this and their first record from Ivan, the drummer. he also left me a note which you can see, along with all my scans. go to their band site located here and get their records.
1. decline 4/5 (nice.)
2. rent boy 5/5 (my favourite.)
3. street talk 4/5 (alright.)
4. guestlist 3.5/5 (nice light drumming on chorus.)
overall: 8/10 recommended
like always, scans here. not as good as their first, but worth the money.

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