Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rebel Truth-EP 7"

(((downloads up!))) this one's for you elliott, hope you like it, i do. so as you can read in the other post i think there was a one time pressing of 1000. then reissued in 1995. i love the sound and the singers voice on this release. like the other recent posts, i found these guys on the charred remains tape. i don't know where i got the download from, it wasn't 7"punk, i don't think, maybe, whatever. enjoy!
1. the request 5/5 (great guitar.)
2. try 5/5 (short and great.)
3. in the red 5/5 (great.)
4. trickle down 4/5 (nice.)
5. child hosts the parasite 4/5 (fast.)
6. moneyman 4/5 (reminds me of the necros.)
7. where the heart is 4/5 (nice background vocals, by the same person, well it sounds like it.)
8. the good life 3.5/5 (ok.)
9. unscene effort 4.5/5 (slower but great, sweet guitar riffs.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
buy the reissue on ebay, now!


  1. Yeah, this is great. Downloaded it a few months ago. My favourite tracks are "The Request" which has sick riffage, "Moneyman" great message and "The Good Life" (which is obviously a question of taste). Intelligent lyrics, don't know why I'd never heard of these before.

  2. yeah, thanks for stopping by.