Friday, January 8, 2010

Violent Apathy-Here Today.... 7"

i must say i expected more from this release. after listening to them on those great midwest comps, including charred remains tape, master tapes volume 2 and the process of elimination comp. i like the songs on the charred remains tape the best. that comp is great and available on kdbrecords and this is their slowest stuff. this 7" was released on gravevoice and is still available on their site, if you want to buy it, i don't.
1. bought and sold 1/5 (bad and long.)
2. scathed 4/5 (best song.)
3. here today 2/5 (ok.)
4. black sorrow 0/5 (bad.)
5. possession 2/5 (meh.)
6. la bamba 4/5 (the best track and it's a cover of an old stupid song. it's actually the fastest track on here.)
overall: 2/10 not recommended
this is available on 7inchpunk, maybe give it a listen but you won't want to keep it. wow 4 links on this post, new record.

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