Monday, January 4, 2010

Flag of Democracy-Love Songs 7"

this one's for elliott, congrats on 50 posts. i saw that you left a comment on this record on KBD, so i thought i'd review it myself. i've been holding off posting this for i long time, i don't know why. this 7" has a great recording, a lot of distortion. limited to a pressing of 500. this was reissued in the 90's but they changed the name to 8 love songs and added two tracks from their compilations.
1. powerload 5/5 (the breakdown is sweet.)
2. babysitter 4/5 (fast.)
3. meat factory 4/5 (nice.)
4. guidance counselor 3.5/5 (good bass.)
5. metamorphosis 3/5 (instrumental.)
6. love song 5/5 (great ender.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
i see it on ebay quite often for being only 500 pressed. go to KBD for another must have.

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