Saturday, January 30, 2010

D.R.I.-Dirty Rotten 7"

so here it is, one of the milestones in american hardcore punk history, but not for the better. released in 1983, it is usually considered the first record combining hardcore punk with thrash punk. ok what exactly is "thrash". we mostly know of thrash as being extremly fast music with the drummer going back and fourth on the hit-hat and snare. but in the old maximum rocknroll fanzines they say minor threat is a great thrash band. thrash just meant going fast, not crazy fast. i don't know when the meaning of the word changed, or maybe just mrr used it in that sense. and another thing, these guys didn't ruin the 80's hardcore scene, nobody did, it just ended. anyway back to the album. man, 22 songs crammed onto one little 7". originally released as a 7" with only 500 pressed. so it was soon reissued on a 12". down the road in 2001 someone in europe released a bootleg 7". i have the bootleg copy. you can easily tell the two apart. the labels on the records are different and the cover of the bootleg has a white border and the original doesn't. i think only 500 of the bootlegs were pressed too. there you go, now the hard part.
1. sad to be 1/5
2. war crimes 4/5
3. busted 0/5
4. draft me 5/5
5. f.r.d.c. 0/5
6. capitalist suck 1/5
7. misery loves company 0/5
8. no sense 0/5
9. blockhead 1/5
10. i don't need society 2/5
11. commuter man 5/5
12. plastique 5/5
13. why 5/5
14. balance of terror 1/5
15. my fate to hate 5/5
16. who am i? 3/5
17. money stinks 5/5
18. human waste 5/5
19. yes ma'am 3/5
20. dennis' problem 3/5
21. closet punk 3/5
22. reaganomics 1/5
overall: 4/10 not really recommended
b-side way better then a-side. not a very good record overall. go ahead and hear what they're all the talking about. it's at GBM. i just learned that beer city records is going to do a great reissue of the original 7", so don't waste all your money on the bootleg or the original, just wait for the reissue, unless your rich or can't wait a few months.

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