Friday, January 8, 2010

Cause For Alarm-EP 7"

i can't think of anything to review right now so i picked this randomly. it's good NY hardcore. the a-side is hardcore punk and the b-side is more thrashy, you know back and fourth drumming on the hi-hat and snare. this was self released in 83'. this has been bootlegged on a yellow sleeve. i love the artwork on the labels of the record. check this out at kbd (thanks peter).
1. parasite 5/5 (fast.)
2. second chance 3/5 (ok.)
3. time to try 4/5 (nice.)
4. united races 5/5 (best track, good lyrics.)
5. in search of 3.5/5 (stop and go.)
6. poison in the machine 3/5 (good.)
7. true colours 5/5 (best track on b-side.)
8. stand as one 3/5 (yes.)
overall: 7.5/10 recommended
look on ebay for it, $40 and up usually.

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