Saturday, January 9, 2010

Die Kreuzen-Cows and Beer 7"

ok, i do like the music on this 7" but the singers voice is a little to high pitched from the throat for me. i loved them on the charred remains tape, his voice was better. the first to tracks on this 7" are on that comp and the comp versions are better, well i think. everyone seems to love this, i don't know why. their name means "the cross" in German, if anyone cares. this was released in 82' and since then has been bootlegged and reissued. the recent reissues are all over ebay.
1. hate me 3/5 (whow.)
2. pain 4/5 (nice.)
3. enemies 3/5 (nice tempo.)
4. in school 2/5 (alright.)
5. think for me 2/5 (meh.)
6. don't say please 4/5 (decent ender.)
overall: 5/10 meh
if you like more high throaty voices, pick this up, but if you don't, don't pick it up.

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