Monday, January 4, 2010

The Absentees-EP 7"

well, short post. a-side great and b-side bad. only 106 copies according to KBD. i know nothing about this band or release. but there is some good info at break my face. that's it.
1. tryin to mess with me 5/5 (great.)
2. F.U.M. 1/5 (bad.)
overall: 5/10 recommended (for a-side.)
thanks to KBD records, we can listen to this rarity.


  1. shit dude back what i was collecting the KBD comps, i had this great rip of "trying to mess with me" but one day my buddy, mike, found a place to download it all! so i deleted all the loose tracks of the records that i had.. since they weren't all full.. just trying to gather then all together ya know.. and the fucking rip that i got of that song right sucked balls.. all scratchy and low volume.. badly done anyways.. always regreted deleting that one song, every time i listen to it!

    hey check out The Scriptures. I Wanna Be A Wombat and I'm Your Dictator. i guess they're from Ontario somewheres. the guy just came up to me one day on soulseek and sent it. awesome tunes, right KBD style. too bad i donno who he was or how to contact him again. new stuff anyways, but doesn't sound like it. (mini punk archive DVD)

    -Mat DaFuc

  2. so you have all the KBD comps?

  3. 90%... but ripped MP3s... i have like 4 or so real ones.


  4. do you have 1-10? do you have any other bored teenager comps. i love that stuff.

  5. i have one to ten and 3 vol's of bored teenagers.

    a bunch other KBD's too.

  6. ya i got the bored teenagers comps from you. "Hardcore Punk" by Discharge is a sick song.

    how many complete KBD comps can you fit on a CD like the one you gave me?

  7. all the KBD + killed by 7" 1 thru 5... and much more :P

    all that comes up to about 1.77GBs and the DVD fits 4.5 or so.

    i'll tell you what, add my msn Matliolec at Hotmail and i'll send it to you if you want. might take a day or so but it'l get there. fast and cheaper then sending it thru the mail. only way i can think of to send lager files like that.

  8. i sent you an email. thanks!