Saturday, January 9, 2010

M.D.C.-Chicken Squawk 7"

yes, time for some more MDC. this is the last release that i like by the band. recorded in 84' and released on r radical records. there must have been a million copies pressed because it is always on ebay, everyday there's one. anyway, i have to say that i actually think the chicken squawk is one of the best mdc songs. it's an incredibly fast punk folk bluegrass song. i first heard that song on the show Jackass. when i first heard mdc back in the day i didn't like them. i thought they were too sloppy and fast, but now that's what i love about them.
1. chicken squawk 5/5 (great, fast song. i like the bluegrass banjo.)
2. kleptomaniac 2.5/5 (long chanting opening.)
3. death of a nun/pecking order 2.5/5 (too crazy for me, yes you read correctly.)
overall: 5.5/10 lightly recommended (for chicken squawk)
if you want some good fast mdc tracks check out their LP. you can actually get this 7" for cheap. i'm looking at one right now on ebay for only $9, that's what it's worth anyways, well i think.

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