Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poison Idea-Pick Your King 7"

i can't believe i haven't reviewed this yet. man this brutal hardcore and definitely one of my favourite records of all time. for this being fantastic you would expect me to have all the other poison idea album, you would be incorrect. i have actually never heard anything else by the band, except for the darby crash rides again demo. peter over at KBD said this "everybody and his mother knows the Poison Idea." well i didn't, back then. i had heard about poison idea but i didn't know how they sounded. so on a trip out east, i got unlimited internet use so i decided to download as much as possible. but i couldn't use mediafire or rapidshare or any of that stuff. so the only place i knew where to get downloads was KBD (and punktapes.com). i downloaded everything from 1980-1984 (i deleted a lot of it.) anyway, i saw this and it had 13 songs on a 7" so it had to be good, right. on that trip i must have listened to it a million times on my psp (along with the Hates-Panacea album, especially punk 1301.) i'd just like to thanks KBD for all the great records he has over there. a lot of the stuff i went out and bought, but records like this, it's impossible to get without emptying your wallet. now for some pressing information. 1st press on clear vinyl, 1000 pressed on fatal erection records. 2nd press on black vinyl, 700 presssed on blue sleeve. 3rd press on black vinyl, 1000 pressed. the final press (4th) on the bands own label, American Leather, (i'm guessing from the germs song, even the first release on american leather records was called darby crash rides again and the cover of it is the cover of the (GI) album) 1000 pressed in 1990. i love the artwork. on the front side is jesus and the back side is elvis, so you can pick your king, haha. the album sounds like one big song, not saying that all the songs sound the same, but the all flow together, with feedback and stuff. now for the songs.
1. think twice 5/5 (starts with no time to waste.)
2. it's an action 5/5 (great guitar.)
3. this thing called progress 4/5 (nice.)
4. in my headache 4/5 (a little slower.)
5. underage 5/5 (best song i've ever heard, fast, great vocals and instruments.)
6. self abuse 5/5 (continues great.)
7. cult band 5/5 (screaming start.)
8. last one 4/5 (good, great chorus.)
9. pure hate 5/5 (slower but fantastic.)
10. castration 5/5 (fast.)
11. (i hate) reggae 5/5 (funny.)
12. give it up 5/5 (whow.)
13. think fast 4/5 (good ender.)
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
yep look on popsike and see how much these things go for, $400-100. the american leather reissue from 1990 is a bit cheaper though, like $80-40. some guy just paid $123 for it, man he got ripped, it's a good price for the original ones but not the reissue. anyway it's all too much money for me, and maybe for you too, so get a great quality download from KBD thanks to peter. jesus christ that was a long post, the next one might be the same length (hint:DRI 7").

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