Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boogie Nazis-Four Years and Still Swimming CD

here it is, the greatest collection of surf music you'll ever hear. well that's what i think anyway. this band from Arizona has been kicking around since 2007. Ryan from BN first came by my site way back when i posted that first BN post. that was when i first heard them, through The Imposters. now Ryan drops by now and again (which i think is pretty cool). anyway, he is sending me this CD but for now you can get the tracks from (which Ryan uploaded them to). so these tracks aren't from my own rippings or anything. there are tons of great songs here. some different version of some songs too. if you're wondering why some of the tracks don't have links. that is because i have the tape that those songs are on, which i would like to post sometime. but you still can download from the link at the very bottom, so. alright here we go, so many tracks.
1. boogie time 5/5
2. bomb the hills 5/5 (this is just straight punk.)
3. spaghetti 5/5
4. boogie time 5/5
5. undertoe 5/5 (love this track.)
6. suburban son 5/5 (this is surf punk.)
7. yellow brick road 5/5
8. pipe dream 5/5
9. jimbo goes to hawaii 0/5 (the only song i don't like.)
10. 3rd rock from the sun 5/5 (haha.)
11. mastermind 5/5
12. lunch with grandma 5/5 (was and still is my favourite BN track.)
13. spaghetti 5/5
14. acid wash 5/5
15. mastermind 5/5
16. lunch with grandma 5/5 (thumping bass in this version.)
17. disoriented 5/5
18. undertoe 5/5
19. wild summer fun 5/5
20. spaghetti 5/5
21. droppin' throu' 5/5
22. wild summer fun (these songs are on the tape i have. will be reviewed and posted soon enough.)
23. droppin' throu'
24. batfish
25. if tucson had a beach
26. gleaming the tube
27. john denverb, colorado (last track on the tape.)
28. batfish 5/5
29. sidewalk surfers 5/5
30. droppin' throu' 5/5
31. if tucson had a beach 5/5 (love the guitar riffs.)
32. flippin' burgers 5/5
33. it was i 4/5
34. gleaming the sun 5/5 (holy fast.)
35. point of no return 4/5
overall: 9.7/10 strongly recommended
wow my hand hurts now. anyway, just plain great surf music. here is their somewhat site: SURFIN'. thanks Ryan. now you people, get this now!


  1. before i download. all 35 tracks are in the zip file right? cause as you said some tracks don't have links.

  2. ah no there is no zip. i just used the links from cllct and they don't offer zip files. can you download them individually?

  3. nope but i can stream them and i love what i hear. if the dude from bn is reading this get in touch with me. it's funny. when i had the braille computer i didn't really use the zip file but now i rely on it.

  4. i'll bundle them all up in a zip if you want me to, so you can have them in your itunes.

  5. Say what!!! sick dude! bomb the hills is a Skate Korpse cover f.y.i. pretty stoked right now to see this haha.

    elliot, i'm not actuall a member on this site so i can't get in touch with you other than through here, unless you email me or something (

    i don't go on the myspace anymore, the last time i touched that i got a virus. i now use facebook for the band.

    zach, send me your address through my email, i lost yours.


  6. hey ryan,

    haha glad you like it. great stuff man. oh thanks for the info. didn't know it was a cover. i'll check out that facebook page.


    there you go elliott.

  7. zip is up for you elliott. i transfered all files to

  8. you're a fuckin champ man. really good shit. thanks.

  9. Hey Zach! Boogie Nazis sound great, the truth that we really like. very good blog also continues like this!
    Also thanks for the blog link to yours.

  10. hey Bifu,
    yeah they are great. thanks for the kind words.

  11. did you get your cd in the mail?

  12. oh yeah i did. i was sick this week so i had a bunch of stuff to catch up on. anyway great stuff. i'm sending you an email about something. thanks!

  13. and thanks for the Splasher #2!

  14. greatest collection of surf music is right. i just wonder what the hell a band from arizona would know about surfing. that was a joke if people didn't know. i need to review this too.

  15. yep, favourite surf band for me. yes you do.

  16. ryan ( 28, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    i'm looking for artists and non artists to create the cover art for our 12". so if you or someone you know might be interested, then i'm interested in seeing with what you can come up with!

    if your art is chosen for the cover, you will receive a test press and a normal press of the 12", plus a huge thank you. some album titles ideas are "Self-Tidaled" "No Coast" or anything cheesy relating to surf and the desert. if you come up with something different or interesting for a title, go for it and we'll see what's up.

    if you win, we may need you to draw a back cover as well, but not until we know the track order.

    if you don't win we may still use your art with the insert, so no matter what your art will be featured.


  17. sweet, too bad i can't draw at all.

  18. this record has just been reviewed at my bloggy. check it.

  19. yep. damn i gotta get in on that contest. i'm thinking of titles.