Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby Shakes-S/T 12"

here's one for elliott's return. we were talking before on what was the most poppiest records we had. well this tops the charts for me. this might not be for the usual followers of this blog. maybe Frank would like it. i will get back to punk in my next post. anyway, i really love this record. released in 2008 on Douchemaster records. apparently they were from seattle, then moved to atlanta, then onto NY. they have released two 7"s and a 10"s as well, i think. no it's not just the three girls on the cover. it's actually those three and a guy on the drums, but i don't think the drummer is ever constantly the same guy. really catchy rhythms with great female vocals. i picked this up for $5 with a ton of other Douchemaster records off some guy. thank you who ever you were.
1. hello hello 5/5 (great opener.)
2. far away 5/5 (guitar is great and vocals and drums.)
3. what can you do? 5/5 (nice.)
4. now i know 5/5 (chorus.)
5. on my way 5/5 (first song i ever heard of them and still my favourite.)
6. ooh la love 5/5 (when they go high vocals, great!)
7. love machine 5/5 (at first this was the other track i didn't like, but now it's one of my favourites.)
8. come on, babe 5/5 (just a joy to listen to.)
9. tell me now 5/5 (drumming is great. fastest track they do.)
10. just another 5/5 (vocals!)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
you can buy this and a shirt directly from the band here: Baby Shakes! not sure on where to buy their other records, they are out of print, so. well, that's it.


  1. Good group man, Remind me Vivian Girls or Gorilla Angreb.
    Greetings, Bifu.

  2. Nice One Zach, Far away, is a great Pop song. Thanks

  3. shit i didn't know i never commented. some day a girl will sing now i know about me. i love this record so much. it's one of my favorites ever. thanks baby shakes and zach. and yes i'm back.

  4. haha. wow glad you like it so much! i knew you'd enjoy it!

  5. oh it's simply amazing. oo la love is always in my head. it's i can't put into words how great this record is. if you guys don't buy it then your the worst and you can never be my friend hahaha crucial youth reference.