Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Freeze-Live At Cape Cod 1980 12"

i can't remember the last time i posted a live album, if i even posted one at all. anyway here is one. it's snowing like a mad man out there and i've been shoveling all day. what does that have to do with this post, nothing. why am i telling you this, no idea. so i'll just jump into the post. The Freeze were a great band and everyone must know them. they released some other great stuff up until 87'. this record was released just after their first 7" and it is referred to by Clif in this Cape Cod set. this was recorded in 1980 onto a tape. from that tape, Schizophrenic records out of Hamilton released it on LP. so the quality isn't the best and the sound fades in an out but only a couple of times. the quality i think is very good from being from an old tape. so much drive on these recordings. screeching vocals which i love. great set. this is my personal favourite Freeze stuff. get it now. nothing else to say.
1. before i hit that rubber room 5/5 (yes they wrote this a long time ago and then included it on their 86' LP.)
2. the water tastes funny 4/5 (nice.)
3. they won't unlock the door 5/5 (amazing, my favourite track. great riff.)
4. my megawalki land 5/5 (vocals!)
6. one sixth of a person 5/5 (lyrics.)
7. don't forget me tommy 5/5 (with this version, it doesn't sound like a new wave song. such a great version.)
8. the duh family 2 4/5 (good.)
9. refrigerator heaven 4/5 (yes i spelled refrigerator wrong but who cares.)
10. i'm too good for you 5/5 (on 86' LP under a different name.)
11. leap from the ledge 5/5 (great gallop.)
12. uncle fred 5/5 (nice.)
13. rebels with a cause 5/5 (great great great chorus.)
14. skeletons in your closet 5/5 (fast.)
15. halloween night 4/5 (a 7" song.)
16. one way conversations 5/5 (great chorus too.)
17. they'll be trouble if you hide 5/5 (awesome song, so in your face!)
18. i hate tourists 5/5 (i wouldn't know.)
19. the duh family 4/5 (it is listed on the back as "So Long Ago" but i believe it is "The Duh Family.")
overall: 9.5/10 strongly recommended
buy this from the link above, they might have some left. this is a must have. 200 copies on swirl green and black, which i have. some with signed insert, not what i have. a great post for the new month.


  1. well as you probably know the freeze are my favorite hardcore band. urban waste put out the best hardcore recording but the freeze are more than hardcore. it shows in this album. the magic is there even in that early form. i usually don't like live albums cause they cut tracks out but i don't think they did. 19 tracks. wow. thanks so much. sucks about the snowing thing. what did they sound like after 87? i'm pretty sure i'd love that too. and i hate tourists. i really do.

  2. yeah, they didn't cut any tracks. after 87' is just, i don't know. no drive. you might hate me for this, but i'm not really a fan of urban waste.

  3. oh. can you share that lp? yeah i hate you for that but i already hate you so what's new?

  4. well i hate you too. which LP?

  5. don't you have an lp by the later freeze?

  6. just the Misery Loves Company LP.

  7. yeah that one. i'd give my left leg to hear it. you want it?

  8. i sent you an email with a link to it. well here it is again:

  9. Good one Zach. I've had the Lp sitting around here for over a year now and still haven't gotten around to giving it a listen hahaha. I love the songs Blood lights and talking bombs from 91 album "Misery Loves Company" but unfortunately the rest of the album for me does not live up to the greatness of these 2 songs.

  10. haha well give it a spin! yeah that one 7" is great with the two songs on it, but yeah the rest of the album isn't that good.

  11. you guys just don't understand! haha. those tracks are really good actually but i like the rest as well. expect a review on elliott sucks soon.

  12. they're alright but they just can't compare to other Freeze stuff. i'll be waiting for that review!

  13. and i'll be waiting for that boogy nazis tape. you post that i post review. pretend i had a cool accent.

  14. yay! haha i love pissen you off. and if i don't piss you off than come on! get pissed!

  15. haha. and metal rules! tell em dave. hahaha.

  16. metal will never reach this blog.

  17. oh yeah it will. one day when you're on vacation i'll hack into you're blog and when you get back bam! the first jag panzer lp will be there.

  18. haha you know i'd never do that. at least not today!!!!! hahaha just messin with you.