Saturday, January 1, 2011

The White Wires-WWII 12"

..............(still holding my breath)...............THE WHITE WIRES!
here you have it, the greatest release of 2010 (posted on the first day of 2011). The White Wires are from Ottawa. they have released some 7"s and a 12" on Going Gaga records. it was limited to 300 and now goes for big money. it was however re-issued on Douchemaster records, but even they have sold out of it. other distros still have it though for cheap. anyway, this is great all the way through. it's so catchy. a lot more drive then on their first LP. great gritty production on this one. this was released on Dirtnap records. 800 on black vinyl and 200 on white vinyl. i ordered the black vinyl because i like it better then coloured vinyl, but they sent me the white anyway. oh well. they are sold out of the white edition, and in quite a short time. no, i wasn't lazy and just used the download card's download. this is ripped straight from the vinyl. nothing else to say, this is essential.
1. let's go to the beach 5/5 (hooks, so catchy.)
2. roxanne 4.5/5 (just a bit weaker, but still great.)
3. did you forget my name 5/5 (vocals.)
4. i can tell 5/5 (i love the chorus.)
5. just wanna be with you 5/5 (chorus again.)
7. popularity 5/5 (great.)
8. hands 5/5 (such great vocals.)
9. are you mad 5/5 (fastest song, great drumming.)
10. outta my mind 5/5 (good.)
11. summer girl 5/5 (good too.)
12. bye bye baby 5/5 (nice instrumental song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
buy this from the Dirtnap link above. it is a must. happy new year by the way. my main watch for the new year is the Night Birds LP. and i was talking to Isaac of The Reactions and he said to me that they are going to re-issue their two 7"s, "Official Release" and "Love You." powerpop gems.


  1. Thanks for the post! Never heard of this band before...

  2. glad you like it. ottawa has some great powerpop bands going right now.

  3. Nice find Zach, I'm going to order one, thanks!

  4. oh glad you like it, thanks for the comment!

  5. Good call! This band is pretty awesome! This is the big pop/punk/whatever band tipped for big stuff this year. Let me know what you think. The chorus is pretty awesome.

  6. hey cred, thanks for the comment.
    it's not bad, but a little too over produced for me. at first i thought you were talking about this band, haha:

  7. it's funny, from one link, you can fall in love.

  8. it's a few days late but okay i am so what?