Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brain F≠-So Dim 7"

ok i know i said i would do a Boogie Nazis post and i might still do that toady but for now here is something else. it's been busy right now for me so that's why i've been lacking on the posts. this is not a complete post but still great. Alex at Grave Mistake Records left a comment here wondering if i wanted this 7". so he sent me a couple free records, which i am ever greatly for. the occasion was the release of this 7". i think it officially can out a few days ago. i am a big Brain F≠ fan. they used to be called Brain Flannel but i don't what happened, i guess they just made it shorter, i don't know. anyway, the tape they released some time ago blew me away. the combined vocals and great hooks caught my eye. i'll talk more about that tape when i eventually post it. so back to this, it's got two great songs on it. one being my favourite BF track from their tape "symptom set." i have included a download of this 7"s version (it's different from the tape version). as a help towards the label i will not post the other song. you will need to buy it hear "so dim." come on, you know you need to get every Grave Mistake record anyway. 100 on red vinyl.
1. so dim 5/5 (great.)
2. symptom set 5/5 (love this song.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
first great release by Grave Mistake this year, and many more to come. here is the band's site: Vices Sins, Blood Runs Cold. they have made up new shirts too, but aren't available yet, but i'm first in line. anyway buy this 7" from the links i gave you. thanks again Alex.


  1. it's funny you should do this cause i was looking at this and wondering how it sounds. honestly it's something i would never spend money on. download yes money no. the vocals are distorted and it doesn't sound punk to me. i'll give it another listen though. come on record labels and bands. where's my free shit!

  2. who said it was punk? i like distorted vocals. but in all seriousness you would probably like their tape better, less distortion.

  3. i got the seel of approval from Alex.