Thursday, January 6, 2011


here is a little compilation i made for myself. i thought i'd up it for all to enjoy. it's all new, mostly powerpop, bands. have at it!


  1. Great Comp'! Power Pop at her best ! But miss titles tracks : can you post them ? thks.

  2. Nice comp Zach, Do you know anything about the TV Eye track?? Kind of reminds me of The Dickies.

  3. thanks for the comments,

    Frank, well the track is called Abba Is Dead. it's from their cd called Nice People. here is their website: i've heard of the Dickies but never their actual music. i'll check it out. thanks.

    Anonymous, yeah at first i just made it for myself so i didn't add track titles, but yeah sure. you have the band names so i'll just do the song titles. thanks.

    1. Do The Eggroll
    2. Gimme Everything
    3. My Gang
    4. Oh Boy
    5. Formaldehyde Addiction
    6. Pretty Like A Girl
    7. Killer Waves
    8. Abba Is Dead
    9. Splendid Living
    10. Up All Night
    11. Common Shell
    12. Jizztown Boys
    13. Dropout
    14. Kill The Teacher
    15. Pretty Girl
    16. I Wanna Be A Wombat
    17. Cannot Calm Down
    18. Incense 2 Chill
    19. Hey Child
    20. JFA

    if anybody wants to know what eps or lps the songs are from, just ask!

  4. Dude, can you out up a download link (if you have one) for the peach kelli pop album, I really like their track on this

  5. hey cred,
    oh god i know. it is great. well i don't have one but if all goes well, i'll have it in my possession sometime this week.
    thanks for the comment.