Thursday, January 13, 2011

Retainers-Waste Of Time 7"

so what's in the news today. well the label ScotchTapes out of ontario has a singles club. which i signed up for. ever 4 weeks i will get a new tape. one of the tapes includes The White Wires. i can't wait for that one. he made up some shirts for his label and he messed up on one. he said it wasn't good enough to sell. so i snagged it for free. thanks Al. now onto the short post.
possibly my two favourite tracks of 2009. such a great band. this was released on Fashionable Idiots. Retainers have released some great 7"s and a 12". "waste of time" is from the 12" but put on a 7" first. i have not heard the 12" so if anyone can give me a link to where i can buy it, that would be great. i will get back to old punk in the new post. right now i thought i'd just post a quick one here. it is really great little gem.
1. waste of time 5/5 (so fantastic.)
2. die baby die 5/5 (chorus is great.)
overall: 10/10 strongly recommended
buy this from the link above, Andy at fashionable idiots. i bought a whack of other 7"s from him.


  1. Thanks Zach, this reminds me of the Carbonas alot, good stuff. I just got my copy of The White Wires LP, thanks for turning me on to it. In a way they kind of remind me of the Queers from their Grow Up LP period.Thanks again.

  2. yeah, me too (like the Carbonas). yeah no problem. really? like the Queers LP period? i guess i have to listen to that LP. i love the early Queers records. in fact, i posted their first 7"s a while ago. thanks Frank.

  3. i just got the Queers album. i can see the reason that it reminds you of them.