Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nardcore Compilation 12"

i've been on a kick about just buying original records lately. this is not the original comp but i don't care, it still rips! i bought this on my excursion to hits and misses (read here). in that post, sorry i spelt the name wrong. i thought it was just hit not hits. i still make the same mistake. anyway, it was sitting on the shelf next to reagan youth (the remastered one). this was originally released in 1984, but i have the reissue from 2009 i think it is. the cover is a little altered, but no big deal. the thing i don't like is that on the back there is a big cd ad, right in the middle, bizarre. if you read it, it says it includes a cd with some nardcore 7"s on it. decent cd, pretty decent. my copy is on white vinyl. there are 20 songs on this. i downloaded it from another source and it was missing 8 of the songs. so i was surprised how good the other tracks were. i'm not going to go through all the bands cause that will take a while and i'm not up for it. now on to the tracks.
1. ill repute-president 5/5 (fantastic song. it's the reason i bought this comp.)
2. ill repute-sleep walking II 4/5 (great band, my favourite from oxnard.)
3. ill repute-it's not gonna happen to me 5/5 (great song, great vocals.)
4. scared straight-skate to live 5/5 (doesn't sound like scared straight i know but great.)
6. rat pack-tell me how 4/5 (rat pack gives us a metal taste on the a side.)
7. rat pack-w.w. 84 4/5 (good.)
8. habeas corpus-steal you blind 3/5 (could have been tossed and i wouldn't care. but it's short so.)
9. agression-the smell 5/5 (great tracks on here by the band.)
10. agression-calling for you 5/5 (fantastic ender to the a side.)
11. r.k.l.-u.s. steal 5/5 (ooo.)
12. r.k.l.-lies 4/5 (nice tracks by this band.)
13. r.k.l.-no respect 5/5 (cool.)
14. false confession-feline 1/5 (slow and long. also bad.)
16. the rotters-men 0/5 (similar to angry samoans' homosexual. i also hate this track.)
17. dr. know-circle of fear 2/5 (too long and i don't like dr. know in the first place.)
18. a.f.u.-high on the hog 5/5 (back to goodness.)
19. stalag 13-statistic 5/5 (GREAT!!! the drum sound is amazing, followed by amazing vocals. best song on here.)
20. stalag 13-do it right 5/5 (more on the funk side, and who doesn't love funk.)
overall: 8.5/10 strongly recommended
great comp to own, only a few not so good tracks. pick up a copy today! now i'm off to buy some original records (except for that damn rebel truth album that went for $51, the guy got ripped).


  1. yes! been wanting to hear rkl for ever. great! thanks. the other bands are amazing. is it me or does oxnard truly have it's own sound. thanks again.

  2. yes oxnard does have it's own sound! glad you like it!

  3. good. nothing to do in that part of southern california. nothing to do in sunland either hahaha.

  4. oh yeah that's where i live alright. nothing to do except do what i'm doing now.

  5. you should liten to false confession's demo, its super fast.

  6. oh cool. why choose a slow track to add to this comp?
    where can i get the demo?

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  9. I'm gonna upload this to my Music Library channel and credit you in the description providing a link to this site! I'm a friend of Elliott Lindamood's.