Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mob 47-EP 7"

(((re-post from April 18/10@10:21pm)))
(((now re-ripped in stereo so you can hear what's all going on.)))

finally i've had time to post something. i had this rip sitting around for a while so don't say it's crap, it's alright, the record is only $4 to buy so get this as a sample, that is if you think my rip sucks. i forgot about it until now, so here you go. when i bought the 7" i never knew what it sounded like. i had heard of them and the artwork looked great so i bought. i have the Havoc records re-press. the original cover has a hand drawn creature or something but i like the one above better. scans. anyway, this is another great swedish release. pretty much thrash i'd say with one amazing break-down song. apparently they are still playing and releasing records. here is their band site: KARNVAPEN ATTACK! with discography, photos and lots more. enjoy!
1. karnvapen attack 5/5 (great.)
2. rusting ar ett brott 4/5 (great guitar.)
3. res dig mot overheten 4/5 (nice, guitar is always great.)
4. vi rustar dom dor 4/5 (vocals great.)
5. det ar upp till oss 4/5 (only 15 seconds, what more do you want.)
6. dom ljuder 5/5 (great guitar opening. man i've said great enough times.)
7. ingen framtid 4/5 (short.)
8. animal liberation 5/5 (slow but the best song on here. great everything.)
9. polisstat 4/5 (nice ender.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
great stuff, get the download, then buy it.


  1. love mob47 will delete the old files thanks.

  2. nice they sound good. the freeze and ssd soon.

  3. This is the original artwork! There's only bootleg with live stuff that has been hand drawn. The only difference between the original version and Havoc's repress is that they used some lousy scan and pictures are grainy. Check the original Ep on

  4. oh thanks Anonymous. that's what i get for listening to 7inchpunk. they were wrong again. but thanks for clearing it up! is that your blog?

  5. first off why do you ever listen to 7inch stunk? i mean i downloaded hell probly 100 records off that place and i'm still deleting bad rips. overall i think i've kept like 9 or 10 records. what a shit blog. anyway i think this is one of the greatest hc records i've heard. i don't know if this is thrashcore but it's in the top 5 d-beat records ever and you can print that in stone. this record kicks ass.

  6. yeah i didn't keep many downloads either. well i think it's thrash.