Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chronic Disorder-Fred 7"

yes more chronic disorder. i must say this is my favourite band. i think they're fantastic and many will probably disagree with me. so sloppy at times but quite talented. listen to those guitar riffs. spit with his british accent (put on if you didn't know) is a great vocalist. their best attempt was their first 7" which i posted but will be re-posting the mp3s cause with the ones i ripped before, you don't get the full greatness (well sound) of the record. then the first LP is amazing as well, it's coming in the mail now so it will be posted soon. then there's this, it's good but not quite as good as i would have expected. only because of the second song. this was released by themselves and had a higher press run of 500 (there other releases are very limited to only 300). the year was 1984. so they're back at the humour (if you read the back cover of their records, you'll see what i mean). all the lyrics can be found in the scans at the bottom. what more can i say.
1. i see red 5/5 (great song. more like i'm seeing red.)
2. point: counterpoint 1/5 (just a mash of too much talking. if they just played the music, it would be good.)
3. s.i.w.o.v. 5/5 (my favourite track.)
4. gluttony 5/5 (great opening.)
5. eileen's 5/5 (nice.)
overall: 8/10 strongly recommended
too bad about the second track because this record would be flawless without it. i bought this on ebay a bit ago. i asked if i could buy it now because i didn't know how high it would go for. we set a price of $20 even. so he put the auction to buy now for $100 bucks and offer (so i would offer $20 and nobody would buy it cause $100 is way to much for that record). anyway someone offered him $40 in the meantime (the listing said it so i knew he wasn't lying). but he still went with me, great seller! and that's my story.


  1. I love it.
    They have some kinda TSOL/Middle Class similar sound.
    I see red sound's like minor threat's, but better:d

  2. glad you love it!
    not as good as MT, for me, haha.
    did you get the other Chronic Disorder stuff?