Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Spasms-American Zero 7"

well i'm back, Mr. Metalhater here. and this post will just further the name. time for some things that i hate (for no apparent reason), and witnessed today in fact. get ready for some randomness. i really hate when people walk slowly. "SPEED UP" that's what i say in my mind but never out loud. people walking towards me must be thinking, "what the hell is he doing." you see me there just trying to cut around the wall to pass them but then the stick out there arm while explaining there (assumingly unimportant) stories. then there is another thing that happens to me while walking down those school halls. you know when you're walking and somebody's coming toward you. they never seem to get out of the way. i always have to make the first move to the side. it's not like they don't see you or anything. one day i decided to not move and just just walking straight. and of course he didn't move. our shoulders locked and the guy looked at me like he was gonna fight me. anyway, i don't even know how i got onto that topic. today we had a fire drill and outside i tripped over this pipe that was sticking out of the ground. i looked to see if anyone saw it. obviously since the entire school was outside, a group of kids saw it and were laughing. i don't blame them, i would have probably laughed too but i was so tired. i looked at them and they stopped. and that's my story, hahaha.

The Spasms is the band in this post. i know nothing of the band and can't find any information on them. all i know is they were from chicago and this was their only release. it was sent out in 1998. yeah a weird year to be on this blog. mat dafuc sent me mp3s of this and i needed to buy it. i couldn't find it anyway though. so i emailed him to see if he knew where to get it. too my delight he found it in three online stores and i bought the cheapest one. i like the way the sleeve is made, chronic disorder style. the front and back are separate. the two sheets have both front and back on both of them and the front is spray-painted out and same on one of the back. that was a really really bad explanation but it doesn't matter. the sound is more on the pop side but very garage punk and catchy.
1. american zero 5/5 (great stuff.)
2. don't gamble with love 4/5 (i love the drum sound on this record.)
3. only 16 5/5 (i am.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
get it! might as well, right?
my brother (he might read this) says to me, "how can such a young man be filled with such rage." and to him i say. "probably cause this whole universe is against me!" (if you watch seinfeld you would get the reference).


  1. haha love that simpsons refference. i would do a futurama refference.
    great record. i'm trying to write a book. thanks.

  2. haha, i never knew you were a simpsons fan. great show! what's the book about?