Sunday, June 13, 2010

False Prophets-EP 7"

(((re-post from Feb. 3/10@8:50pm)))
i had the original post to this but i didn't like it. so i'm re-writing this all different. great band. their first 7" is quite good too but not as great as this release. this was released by worn out brothers records in 1982. these guys were on the new york thrash tape and i must say, i don't really like their songs on it. Good Clean Fun is the fastest and best song i've heard by them and it's on this release. on the flip side the song is slower and has a synthesizer or something. i still like it, although it's 4:13. nice design and on the back it says "this record is not worth more than $2." i wish that were true. i bought this for $24, not bad, $12 for each song, well more like $20 for the first song and $4 for the other. the inside has all the lyrics clearly typed. it's my first scan and first rip with my new machines, enjoy!
1. good clean fun! 5/5 (labelled as VIOLENCE side. fantastic, one of the best songs in punk.)
2. functional 4/5 (labelled as SEX side. slower, longer but good, cause of vocals.)
overall: 9/10 strongly recommended
pick it up, great record to add to your collection.


  1. so your record sound pretty damn good. thanks for this.

  2. thank you, for downloading.

  3. Great record. It's like a flipside comp on a 7" lol. A-side straight up punk and b-side a bit stranger and more out there, but the vocals are so good it's totally captivating.

  4. I really want this record, everytime I come to your blog I play these 2 songs hahaha.

  5. haha. yeah great record! even my brother likes this, haha.